Hopping Mad Designs is a passionate, established Sydney based, Web Design Studio that designs, develops and markets successful websites and provides a range of online marketing solutions for Australian businesses and companies. Since 1998.

Our web design studio is located in Darlinghurst, Sydney. It is here that our team of designers, developers, copywriters, SEO experts and digital strategists bring your brand, product or service to life — through customised website design and online digital marketing strategies. So if you are looking for a hands on web design agency that is surprisingly affordable – get in touch with a team that really cares about your business on 02 9360 8514.

We will not only design you are great looking, customer conversion focused website (that is super-easy to manage through our WordPress CMS), but we will also rank your website on Google. Make sure you ask us about our great SEO packages!

Websites are a fantastic business tool, and many of our clients are amazed by how their customised website has transformed their business into their most powerful marketing tool. This is because we don’t just design websites to look amazing but we also offer a full web and digital marketing service, which begins with your website design and carries through to SEO, web copywriting, user interface design and much more! We can turn your website into a profit, money making machine for businesses.

So if you want to start getting more sales and better qualified inquiries make sure you speak with us NOW. There is absolutely no point in wasting time whilst your competition is getting all those juicy new business leads.

A Hopping Mad Website is a long-term investment that will produce results. To book an appointment with our Web Team, call 02 9360 8514 or keep reading to learn more.



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Our Sydney-based web design team can assist you with a range of design solutions for the various stages and needs of your business:

1. A dedicated designer

That’s right, we will allocate a head designer to your website project. This designer (who is a very real person, with real qualifications and experience) will meet with you to find out exactly what you need. They will ask you the important questions and show you examples of work or concepts that could inspire your project. Our Websites are a very creative and collaborative process.

2. Honest advice

18 years is a long time to exist in the web design space. We’ve achieved this because we are honest. If we don’t think it will work, we tell you. If there is an opportunity to improve, we let you know. Too many web design firms think short term. Our aim is to build a relationship with you that will see us as your long term partner for all of your design, online and marketing needs. Hence, we need to make sure you’re getting the right advice; basically we deliver successful web design solutions!

3. No jargon

Yes, all the acronyms might sound impressive to some, but we are in the communication business, so we make it a priority to communicate well. We want you to understand what we are doing, so you can appreciate your options and be empowered to make informed decisions about design, development and your ongoing marketing.

4. Full service

Everything you need Online (or on paper). We have a talented team who each specialise in different areas of graphic design, SEO, social media marketing, mobile phone web design and conversion rate optimisation. This means we are able to take care of your advertising, marketing, brand development and promotion. Our team has experience in SEO, social media, digital advertising, print advertising, copywriting, corporate design and more. We don’t just build pretty websites, we make your website work as part of your marketing strategy (and if you don’t have a marketing strategy, we can help there also).

5. Availability

We are accessible. As a team of real people, we make ourselves available if you need us. Our Creative Director oversees the team’s creative work and is happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and satisfaction with the project. We are invested in your success, because not only do we take pride in our work, we want to have an ongoing relationship with your company.

6. Creativity

We love what we do and it shows. Our designers are passionate about design and treat every job with the same enthusiasm no matter what the budget.




Designing and developing your website is an important journey, which enables you to learn a lot about who you are as a brand and how others can perceive you. If you really want your website to perform as a sales and marketing tool for your business, there are many aspects to consider. Here are a few to start with:

Domain Name
Selecting and registering the best domain name is important. Does the name support your SEO objectives? Will it create easy to remember email addresses? Are there any spelling issues or concerns? Is it too similar to a competitor? We can help you decide on the best URL for your business, so it’s important to call us from the moment you decide to start a new website.

Website Design and Development
Our websites are built for your business. We understand how your customers will want to use your website, as well as how to differentiate your look and feel from your competitors. Having developed thousands of websites across a wide variety of business types, we are familiar with the conventions of various industries, and our design team can come up with creative and exciting ways to make your content and graphics 'jump out', while still appealing to your key market, industry stakeholders and clients.

Quality Content
What does your website really say? Are you engaging your target audience with cleverly written copy or are you letting down your design with copy that’s subpar? The visual design will engage your audience, but to truly capture and convert them into customers, your content must be well executed. Our copywriters are industry professionals who can make your message truly sing.

Content Management Systems
A website should be a live tool that continues to engage your audience with new material. The key to making this simple for our clients is matching their needs to an appropriate content management system (CMS). With the right CMS, your staff will be able to easily update your website with fresh new content quickly and easily. When we hear about the charges some companies incur from web designers for each and every change, we cringe. With the right CMS you can do the majority of changes yourself, saving you money. Our WordPress CMS also allows us to add extra features to your website over time, so you can build your website as your business grows. Never be locked into lengthy, unneccessary hosting fees OR contracts with our OPEN SOURCE CMS platforms.

Who hosts your website is actually really important. With improved security among the larger corporations, the host you choose could impact on whether your emails or site are considered legitimate content in the eyes of other systems. With our years of experience in the online space, we can provide you with frank advice as to the better hosting servers, ensuring your investment in your website is one that pays off.

SEO helps users find your website. It moves your website up the Google rankings to ensure you’re on the first page of a search engine. The benefit of engaging a full digital design and development studio like ours is that we can help you with your long-term needs, such as SEO. If you want your website to rank on Google then you must speak with us - we really know the ins and outs of SEO and can bring this experience to helping your website get to page 1 in a completely Google compliant manner.

Website Statistics (Analytics)
We want you to be able to know the numbers when it comes to your website. Knowing how many people are visiting and what pages they are accessing can be very helpful in understanding how your content is working. From this data, we can help you improve your website to ensure that each page is performing as you desire.

Web Content
With a superb website up and running, you will soon want to add to your content to keep your customers informed and your website fresh. We work with specialist content writers who are able to create content specific for the online space. This content can be used for e-newsletters, social media, blogs, profiles and more.

Digital Strategy and Social Media
When you’re ready to take full advantage of all our online marketplace has to offer, talk to our team about creating a digital strategy. We can assist you with the planning, booking and execution of a range of digital campaigns, incorporating social media, SEO, SEM and more. The digital age is here and if you’re not online, you really are missing powerful opportunities to connect.

When you choose Hopping Mad Designs as your website partner, you are accessing a range of digital and online knowledge that will ensure your website is designed + built right the first time.











Call 02 9360 8514 and speak to one of our web design team now.



Design. Function. Performance.

•   Customised, original design
•   Websites that perform
•   Content you can manage



Creating. Communicating. Selling.

•   Clear communication
•   Strong and creative design
•   Effective execution



Original. Creative. Powerful.

•   Bespoke design creations
•   Reflective of your brand
•   Memorable



Creative. Impact. Sales.

•   Conceptual design
•   Copywriting that performs
•   Design that sells



Forefront. Customised. Precise.

•   Leading-edge technology
•   Content management
•   Budget conscious



Logic. Function. Performance.

•   Consumer engaging
•   Delivering conversions
•   Customised solutions



Easy. To. Use.

•   Robust, stable environment
•   Flexible solutions
•   Working for you


Research. Traffic. Results.

•   Page 1 rankings
•   Content development
•   Social media management





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